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The universe of Animalia Lumis is created by small luminous creatures that interact with each other in infinite and ever-changing ways, creating light and colors where there was none.

The pack includes all the necessary files that create colorful diversity, mysterious shapes, and surprising effects.

Let yourself be carried by the luminous beings of Animalia Lumis in a macrobiotic universe!

Looped Yes
Framerate 60fps
Quantity 22
Codec H.264 MP4

Watermarked free versions can be found on our website: www.protobacillus.com



Q: Can I use these videos for commercial use?
A: Yes, you can, our terms and conditions can be seen at this link https://i.postimg.cc/B6cKmMNL/PL.png

Q: Can I use it for something other than VJ projections
A: Yes, our videos have already been used for commercials, Spotify background, and Twitch Stream.

Q: Can I modify them?
A: Yes, you can modify them to suit your live performance or project, but you cannot resale them as modified footage, please read our terms and conditions

Q: How can I order a custom-tailored loop?
A: You can send other inquiries to for exclusive videos protobacillus@gmail.com

Q: What is Gumroad?
A: Gumroad is a secure sales platform that we use to market our products

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: You can use a credit card or Paypal more info can be found here https://customers.gumroad.com/article/202-how-can-i-pay-for-gumroad-products

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